Saturday, May 1, 2010

SMS09, viva Choi Yu-Jung!!! (Part 2)

As requested by popular demand, here are some more pics of Choi Yu-Jung at the Seoul Motor Show 2009, enjoy guys.

Yellow is my favorite color

Not sure I told you but I really like yellow, probably one of my favorite color . BTW, did you recognize the beautiful Choi Yu-Jung? I’m sure you did.

Choi Yu Jung - Very Cute Indeed

Back when Choi Yu Jung beat many popular race queens to win the 2008 Racing Queen award, I wasn’t convinced that she was the best based on the photos I’d seen of her. However, some of the recent photos, including the one posted by Cutkillavince have slowly made me understand why. Here are some new photos of her, which include the teasing pajama top.

Choi Yu Jung - A Winner in Red

Here are some photos of the 2008 Korea Racing Queen winner Choi Yu Jung (최유정), who looks gorgeous in a red dress.

Ryu Ji Hye - CJ Super Race

Well I have no idea which rounds these are from (I think some are from the 1st round, some are from the 2nd and maybe a few are from the 3rd…) but here are more Ryu Ji Hye pictures . Near the end there are a few pictues of her with Choi Ji-Hyang… I guess the two of them are friends or at least playing for the camera.